Author Topic: Allow Undo to revert changes to view location/position/scale/brush size/etc  (Read 769 times)

I'd be happy if someone could suggest a workaround to an issue I feel like I'm constantly dealing with: Changing things I didn't want to change, without the ability to undo it. A particularly frustrating example is setting up a stencil. Most of the time I get it positioned just how I want, then I make some tiny change to the view (by rotating/zooming/translate, etc), and now the stencil has moved and is no longer where I want it. The thing that's so frustrating is that I can't use Undo to get back to how it looked, because Undo doesn't track changes to the viewport transform.

Another example is when I accidentally rotate the brush when I was trying to zoom the viewport. I can't undo to revert the brush size to what it had been previously.

I find that a lot of Substance Painter involves making very precise changes to the viewport, and then being frustrated that I've accidentally changed something with no ability to get back to the way it was.

Again, maybe there's just a better workflow.

Thanks for the feedback!