Author Topic: How do I share content between layers?  (Read 531 times)

I want to use the same material in within multiple texture sets within my project. I see that I can right-click on a fill layer and Copy Content, and paste that into another another layer's content, but that's a lot of manual work when I'm making frequent changes to the material. I'm assuming there's some way to create a new material which I can include in my project, and use that same material in multiple layers/texture sets? I haven't found a way to do this. The intent is that after assigning that material to some number of layers, I can adjust the material once and have it affect all of the layers. Is this possible?

You can right click on a folder and instanciate it accross texture sets.
You can also add a Anchor Point effect to a fill layer, this will allow you to call its content through other fill layers: