Author Topic: Shared Random Seed  (Read 671 times)

We really need a way to allow nodes to share the same random seed, similar to how you can inherit a random seed in an FX Map. If there is currently a way to do this, please let me know. This is really important, especially for the new value processors, which must have their own random seed in order to produce different results per instance.

So, for example, if you create a value processor graph that generates a random result, and you have 5 of them in your main graph, you have to give all 5 of these instances a unique random seed to get 5 unique results. And what if you add a 6th one later somewhere else and want a new random number. You may accidentally choose the same random seed as another and create an accidental relationship between two distinct parts of your graph.

If would be great if we could link ALL random seeds in a single graph to a single pool, making them all generate random instances from the same deck. An option to inherit the parent's seed like an FX Quadrant would be perfect for this.
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