Author Topic: Polygon fill projection toggle & other requests for polygon fill.  (Read 124 times)

Can we please get a polygon fill projection toggle. I've been using substance for months now. It makes no sense to me at all that this feature hasn't been added. I could of sworn I've seen other posts about it and other people talk about it. Its such a powerful tool for quick iterating but I sometimes need to just do something simple like clear out some face polygons from inside of a scifi aircraft vent. Currently I have to try to paint it all out with a hard brush. I mean sometimes I just want to toss a color or material quickly over some polygons to roughly see if it even is going to look good. I just don't understand why it has to go threw the entire model? If not can we just get a face fill tool? Please god please and thank you. You would speed up my workflow 10 fold if this was added. Its just such a fast tool for quick iteration and exploration. I can make a lot of decisions fast. If it was improved just a bit it would be the best for initial blocking out.

I also think you should consider giving an option to turn the red lines off when clicking the projection tool A easy toggle. I'm working on some details and its hard to tell how it looks sometimes without having to click off fill tool. It would be nice to just click up top on the bar and quickly toggle the lines off to quickly tell if its looking good.

Lastly I'm not sure if this is possible. But it could also be really cool to have a tool like polygon fill that is a masking feature. What do I mean by this. Like how you can click and drag out a rectangle marquee. If you could drag out shapes that when you dragged it over the edge of a aircraft wing for example it would create a mask only on the areas of the model the marquee was touching. You could add nice trim color cuts and such. Zbrush has something like this with some of the masking tools how it projects threw the model and masks anything in the marquee area. Would be another cool feature.

Just some suggestions. But most of all projection toggle for the polygon fill.

I just looked up hotkeys. Seeing now that 1 and 4 let you cycle between brushes and fill kind of makes my statement about easily being able to toggle red lines on and off irrelevant. Although its still hard to see the detail if you have a highly compact area of polygons your trying to work on with fill tool selected.