Author Topic: complimentary color?  (Read 522 times)

Is there a way  to make a complimentary color output  to given input color  In Substance Designer?  I mean not just inverting an RGB values but rather having an opposite one on a Red-Yellow-Blue circle.  (RYB model).   Like those gazillion of web tools do.
Traditional one for art related things since 18 century.   When blue is opposite to orange, not yellow. 

yes,     thanks for the link.  I would still prefer a kind of pixel processor doing usual math.
  Like those java based tools in design related web pages where I could sample initial color from an image usual way , not from a color wheel.     This tool feels a bit heavy and clumsy to work with

There are many Color Space conversion functions shipped with SD. So you can probably create your own filter using the pixel processor node.
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