Author Topic: Add sbsar/sbs listing  (Read 1493 times)

On the website version of Source it has an informational listing of what it includes "sbsar/sbs" right at the bottom of the material image.  That is great.   

However, when I open Source from within Painter I don't see a listing anywhere of what is available even if you click on the material.  Can you please add it to the internal Source directory?

It would be different if every material included the same thing, but some are sbsar only.

The Source plugin in Substance Painter will only let you download sbsar since sbs files cannot be opened in Painter.

I get what you are saying, but I thought it would just be nice to atleast know the possible formats even if I can't use it in that program.  That way before I spend a credit on it I know I have the option to edit it in Designer or have to go clicking around on the website to find out.     Just seemed like an easy, no-brainer to me.    :)