Author Topic: Sloooooooooooow Source website  (Read 1523 times)

I logged into my Substance Source account--my points total came up but the rest of the page was taking forever to load. I clicked on "My Assets"--eventually the title appeared but after that nothing comes up but the loading spinner. My internet connection (cable) iis fine and I'm able to view and download from other pages. This appears to be a server-side issue. The rest of Allegorithmic's sites are slow but navigable, but Source is, for me, unusable. I have over 1100 points that I am unable to use.

Hi @acecombs

Has it always been that way or was it only this time when you tried to load the Source website?
If you have recurring problems using the website I would advice you to try using the Launcher, which has a Source tab that I've been told is very quick to load.
PO @ Allegorithmic