Author Topic: Link Tool Tips  (Read 278 times)

A simple but useful feature to add would be link tool-tips. When the user hovers a node link, a tool-tip can appear that shows the name and connector of its connected nodes. Something like..

Output: Uniform Color: Output
Input: Vector Warp: Vector Map


Parent: Base Material (Roughness)
Child: Warp (Gradient Input)


Base Material (Roughness) <-> Warp (Gradient Input)
(where the <-> is a little icon or symbol)

When developing large graphs (where certain nodes are grouped together into a frame that links to other framed clusters of nodes), I find myself constantly needing to scroll around to figure out (or verify) which node is at the other end of what I'm working with. Something like this would be very convenient. It should also not interfere with anything, and be pretty simple to include.

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