Author Topic: Normal Node doesn't have force alpha to 1  (Read 1021 times)


I was following a tutorial where he instructed to use Fill Alpha With Input/Force Alpha To 1 parameter, but it's nowhere to be seen. How can I get the normal map without transparency if I don't have that parameter on the normal node?


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hey, do you mind sharing the link of the tutorial+ the versions of SD you are using?


The tutorial I was following was this:
And I'm using Substance Designer for steam which is the version 5.6.2.

I think this option has been introduced in SD6

It reads that it was introduced in 5+ here:

anyways, is there a possible workaround for this, I'm not sure how to get it work properly without that.

once you have baked, yout can use an alpha merge node to set the alpha to 1 (?)