Author Topic: Is it possible to enable Hardware OpenGL on the Mac version instead of SSE2?  (Read 2430 times)

It looks like the files are there to support this I just cant figure out how to enable it.
there is even a add engine button, But I can figure out how to get into the folder to select libsubstance_ogl2_blend.dylib instead of libsubstance_sse2_blend.dylib

Has anyone figured this out. Can I manually change this in a config file somewhere?


also why is there no Nvidia Rendering engine on the mac?

Ok I changed it in :


I changed the <key>Designer.3_x.preferences.engines.current</key>





Now I have both in the list. is this a bug perhaps?

Yes it looks like a bug. Could you tell us which version of Designer you installed, and what OSX version you are running ? Was it the Steam version ?