Author Topic: Enterprise login with google  (Read 1431 times)

Hi, I sent mail by the contact form but I wanted to post here. 

I have an enterprise license (not associated with this account) in which I am only allowed to log into your site by using the google sign in for security purposes. Substance source and this Forum both do not have a Google sign in option.

So I CAN access my license through your main site with a "Sign in with google", but I CAN'T access Substance Source or the forum.  Does source and the forum need a sign in with google option?  How does an enterprise with a google login sign into those resources?


Hi @gatorNic

Unfortunately we are not able to add the Google login on Substance Source/the forum.
However when the account was created using a Google login a popup should have appeared for the creation of a password.
With this password it is possible to access your account on the main website, Substance Source and the forum the way you would do with a regular account.

Would you be able to get a hold of this password?
PO @ Allegorithmic

I received your email with the separate login details.  Looks like it is working thanks for your help.