Author Topic: Default Blend Modes per Channel from User Data Expression  (Read 2319 times)

I have a number of use cases in painter, where I need to set some blend modes by default for certain types of base materials. These are usually modes specific to well defined user channels. Without the ability to do so, implementations often don't get set or set properly, resulting in un-intended results or bugs

Can the user data input in designer be utilized to specify a default Painter blend mode for a given output?

Example.. on an output node in Designer, the user data could have an expression:

bumping.. there a number of possible use cases here, particularly with custom user channels and interfaces. It's a greater issue for base materials that must interface with custom workflows.

For instance, if I define a base material that may want to interface with a specific custom user channel, whose blend mode must always be additive for example, I'm unable to do that.

Not being able to do define that in project content, usually results in bugs in painter since it's a manual process, and is often overlooked by users.