Author Topic: Wood normals are too rough, can't figure out how to create smoothed wood normal  (Read 1052 times)

Alchemist's normal generator makes wood textures appear rough and aged. I simply want to create wood planks that aren't worn out, but no matter how many tweaks I make, I can't get the desired result, which is for it to look similar to this deck.

This is Alchemist's result

My suggestion would be to add another slider for details in between large and medium. Crazy Bump, for example, has five sliders for adjusting normal maps based on the detail of the texture (very fine, fine, medium, large, very large).

The only reason I'm not using CrazyBump's result is because I can't create an sbsar file with it, as far as I know.

Using OpenGL.
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So after experimenting with an edited diffuse map, I was able to get a decent result of what I needed. Had to use many contrast adjustment layers in Photoshop.

The only problem is the diffuse map isn't supposed to be edited so drastically, but it's something I can fix myself later.

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