Author Topic: Requested Features - suggest pinning such a topic  (Read 773 times)

I'm loving developing awesome materials in Substance Alchemist!

I was hoping to find a pinned requested features topic, hence the topic subject.

Feature Requests:
  • Auto backup: When working in Create mode. If there can be an automatic temp file saved every X minutes as a backup. I've experienced a few times when I'm starting on a material and I get involved, forgetting to save before I experience a crash event forcing me to start from scratch.
  • Light Direction in Light Removal: It would be helpful to have a visual indicator or a gizmo that can show you the direction of light removal and distance. clicking and dragging can change the direction and length.
  • Contrast adjustments for Light Equalizer: It seems this would differ slightly to Equalizer Radius and might allow for greater control.
  • Clone patch shadows: The ability to replace shadow/dark/black areas with non-shadow detail.
  • UNDO..UNDO..UNDO: So under works under certain conditions but it doesn't seem to be on layer adjustments :P
  • Fine-Tuning: Might feel better if these were incorporated in the main light removal rollout. I find myself going back and forward tweaking settings.
  • Clone patch tool: This would benefit in a location reference projected onto the mesh.

** Seems like the LIGHT REMOVAL/HIGHLIGHTS and LIGHT REMOVAL/SHADOWS are adjusting each other and need to be swapped, or is it just me?

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Thank you for your message and all your feature requests.
The undo/redo command has been released in the last 0.6.0 version for all parameter changes (slider, combobox,...)

For your other requests, please add them so other users can vote on your requests :)

Substance Alchemist Product Manager