Author Topic: Substance in C4D is pretty buggy...  (Read 7767 times)

Things are not rendering properly  (really strange artifacts).  See image "substance artifacts" attached.

And also height maps that look great in designer drop to a lower color space when using the substance engine inside C4D.  See image "substanceHeight" attached

Of course if I go the Substance Painter route instead, everything works fine, but sometimes you want a fully procedural material to do some effects inside C4D.

As it is now, the Substance Engine integration is a little glitchy.
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I have an update:

The second image (the one showing stepped height info) is due to the setting "Enable Auto Bump Mapping" being enabled on an object.  I'm using Redshift to render.  Disabling that fixes the stepped height map problem in some cases, but not always.

The first image however, (where the albedo is all weird and stretched in places) is using standard render or physical (they both exhibit this issue)

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Now that C4D R21 has been released, I've downloaded the demo and tried some Substances using the built-in plugin.

The stair-stepping is still present.

The "fix" I mentioned in my previous post only works sometimes, and only applies to Redshift anyway.  I can confirm the issue is present even using the built-in renderers.

So my question:  Who maintains that plugin?  Adobe?  or Maxon?  If it's will fester and rot and never be fixed I'm afraid.

OK I've just learned that the plugin is maintained by Maxon.  I'm not hopeful this problem will be fixed anytime soon if ever.