Author Topic: Organising and workflow  (Read 472 times)

  Very basic question here. I've ended up with a sizable number of materials and i'm curious as to the best way to organise them for efficient use and program performance.
So, do you folks install all the materials you have...or do you just browse the website and look at your purchased assets on a project by project basis and just temp install what you need for that project?
My concern is how many resources the software can handle being installed. I dont want to feed it too many and have it bloated and slow.

Other question is if we can add new subfolders...say under 'Materials' break the assets down into Ground, leather, etc?

I assume theres no problem downloading our purchased assets on a per project basis?

Old laptop had died so getting organised and setup again. On Alchemy, havent been able to play very much but from what i've spent time on this is alot of fun. I just wish I had the time to learn to turn em into smart materials in Designer.

Thanks for the help

While working in Painter, I would avoid downloading tons and tons of materials in your shelf just because it may slow down startup time, downloading materials from Source in your project on a case by case basis should work perfectly.

Thank you Jeremie, easier to see what it looks like on the website too. :)