Author Topic: Please differentiate the mask generator properties  (Read 792 times)

Can you please work on some readability in mask generator properties (and in general in substance software)?
When there are a lot of parameters it is allways so hard to understand which parameter related to which section...

It can be cool if you highlight the whole section when I drag my mouse around it, like so: (a gif image)

Or at least divide it to section on checkmate order, like this or do both:

Also about mask generator properties, I think opacity parameter should be at the top, because this is where you natively looking it for, because it just logically should be first.

Also I don't mind from a button which will be toggling opacity parameter between 100% and 0% for some quality of life. Like this:

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i liked how the older substance painter interface was, with different colored headings for the sections, but I have to say, your suggestion with highlighting the sections is so much cleaner and fits in with the new look

great suggestions! I often get lost in the long list of attributes and this would possibly fix that.



This would be a massive improvement to the user experience for something so simple. Simply differentiating all hierarchical expanding menus like that with alternating values would help quite a bit even in things like the environment/camera/post processing menus as well.