Author Topic: SP 2019 very slow, especially to export  (Read 766 times)

Hi all,

After using SP2 for a very long time, I decided to finally upgrade to the newest version, and bought SP 2019 on steam. I have found it to be nearly unusable compared to how well SP2 ran (which was still pretty bad)

If I don't have any other programs open, it runs alright as far as adding/changing materials to the layer stack goes, as long as I don't put my document resolution above 1k (if I try to switch up to 2, it crashes after a very long hang). The real problem comes in when I try to export. I just did a test export with 4k maps (spec gloss), and it took 8 minutes. In substance painter 2, it would be maybe a 30 seconds to a minute, max. During this 8 minutes, my PC is virtually unusable, which is odd since my cpu and ram usage still stay around 50% or so from what I've seen.

Win 7
i7 5820k
64GB Ram
GTX 1070

I have updated my drivers, restarted my PC, and disabled threaded optimization in the Nvidia control panel. I'm not sure what else I can do at this point aside going back to SP2, but any suggestions or computer voodoo that might help are welcome :)

Here are some pics of what afterburner says about my gpu and memory usage:

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By any chance, would you be able to share your project with us?
These timings seem way too long and there is no way Painter should crash or even be slow at 2k resolution with that kind of hardware.