Author Topic: Layer Thumbnail black, Cache Disk Usuage 95%  (Read 2460 times)

I'm new to substance, I just updated the Painter to 2019.1.0. and I realized the thumbnail on the Layer are suddenly turning black, and my cache Disk Usage stays on 95%

Is there any way to clear those Cache Usage without me restarting windows, I have to manually delete those files in AppData/local/Temp. I can't delete it without restarting.


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This likely mean you are running out of cache space.
You can change where the cache goes in the preferences, ideally to a drive where you have more free space than your system drive.

thanks for the respond
hmm the default Temp drive has 50gb+ free space when Painter said cache disk usage 95%, is there something I'm missing?

Is Local cache budget (in MB) related to this problem?
What is the recommended cache space size?


I think I got confused with the Designer, as Designer shows the memory you assigned in the preference, and at the bottom corner it shows the used memory that you assigned, so it's just showing how much memory the Designer is using, but in Painter, it shows the whole drive space remaining, not the Folder used size as there is no option to assign cache disk size.

I kept thinking the Painter is using 95% of my disk space just to run the program but it is just showing me how much disk capacity the whole drive is being used by other programs or files, not just Painter.