Author Topic: Stretching, height issue, and filling in entire uv space question  (Read 568 times)

I'm getting a stretching issue and an odd height issue. I'm going outside of the 0,1 uv space to make a tiled texture for some pipes. I'm using an ID map to mask. I checked the UVs and there doesn't seem to be any stretching.

After turning off all layers affecting these pipes I have a layer from a different section causing this height error. There isn't any bleeding from the masks or UV's going into other areas.

I just need some clarification on how filling works. I thought substance painter would fill the entire space that the ID map is colored to.
If I select the blue section, it would fill the entire area. It seems to fill the objects in that area. Is this just a display option?

All UVs need to be entirely in 0-1 UV space in Painter (or entirely in a separate UDIM), they cannot cross from one tile into another. There also seems to be some overlapping (3rd screenshot?), remove that. It will not help you, but produce unwanted artifacts.
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