Author Topic: Preference for locating existing installs of Painter/Designer  (Read 238 times)

The Launcher offers to install versions of the tools which are already installed and are at the latest versions.

I use MacOS and install my Applications on a different Volume to the default MacintoshHD. It would be good to be able to tell Launcher where my applications are.

Without this the Launcher is not much use to me. Can you please make this work?

Indeed, this man is correct.

Further, is fails on the most basic requirement of this class of tool. It does not ensure that updates of itself or any other Substance are stored into the location where they were previously stored.

A lovely useful tool in concept, but not reliable enough to use at the moment.

Hi we are aware of this issue for Windows and we are currently working on it. we found a fix for it. an update will come soon.

For changing the path location on MacOS this is currently not possible.