Author Topic: Graphs don't show previews  (Read 2983 times)

Hello, I've just gotten SD 3.6 from Steam, and I was trying to follow along with the tutorials. I've run into a problem where the nodes in the graph do not update nor do they show up. They're a solid red or blue or whatever color the node that it's representing is, and when I'm watching the tutorial, there are previews of what the nodes look like.

Is there a way to turn them on that I'm missing?

Double clicking on any node in a chain will generate thumbnails for every node before it. Double clicking on a single node will also generate its thumbnail.

I've tried that and it doesn't show up. Sometimes on a fresh restart the thumbnails work, but once I zoom out, they turn to their solid colors when I zoom back in and any combination of clicking, double clicking, or reopening graphs don't help.

Can you try using the D3D10 engine instead of the default D3D9 engine and tell us if it fixes the issue ? You can choose which engine Substance Designer uses in the Tools->Switch Engine... menu.

I've actually tried the other engines, and they don't work for me :(

When you press F5 (cache flush) and then double click on a node, does it fix the issue ?

Unfortunately it doesn't do anything. It cleared the thumbnails, and then when i double click on one it doesn't reappear. I've tried the "compute nodes thumbnails" too. It shows up with the sizes and the ms it took to calculate them, but the previews don't show up.