Author Topic: Jagged edges to UV shells  (Read 567 times)

Hi there, I must be missing something here, Once I bake my High res I get jagged aliased lines around each UV shell. Upping the document resolution doesn't seem to fix it either. I've also ensured there is ample padding between uv shells. Any ideas?

Before bake:

After bake:

Resolution of your baked textures looks very low to me. Can you post the UV layout and your baking settings?

Can you share the model or some part of the model if you can't share the entire thing? OBJ of both lowres and highres objects.

Thanks for the reply, here's a screenshot of the UV's, yes they are small shells, there are a lot of parts to all fit on one texture. I let Maya pack the UV's and set padding to 4

I left the bake settings on default, and also played around with them but seemed to always generate the same result.

I just ignored it though and went ahead slapping default materials on as a start, and I'ts not too noticeable, as long as the camera doesn't get too close. I'd still like to know why though :)