Author Topic: How to reset the 2D view back to 0 degree rotation  (Read 4628 times)

Google has failed me while trying to figure out how to reset the canvas rotation in the 2D preview of Painter back to 0 degrees, since I have a tendency to rotate it accidentally and have grown tired of trying to rotate it back by eyeball. Please tell me there's an easier way, and if there is, what is it?

You can add the Shift key to your rotation to snap to 90 degree increments - that should get you back to "0"

Camera snap rotate   Alt+Shift+Mouse left   (Windows) or Shift+⌘+Mouse left (Mac)

Thanks for your response. That solution would work if I were intentionally rotating the canvas. Unfortunately that's not what's happening. My muscle memory gets confused from working in different programs with different means of navigation so when I'm trying to pan something in 2D view, I instead rotate it. Which means it's not going to be rotated in perfect 90 degree increments, which also makes things difficult.
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