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This is a compatibility release for UE4.22.0

Download Link:

This update will be available through the UE4 Marketplace. Alternatively, the most recent version of the Substance in UE4 plugin source can be downloaded from the link above.
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It works!  Thank you

Thank you.
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Really glad you posted it!  Got a bunch of work to do this weekend and its still not on the store yet

I'm seeing a problem with MRAO generation in UE4 - my materials are very glossy suggesting there is a problem with roughness. If I use the same substance and generate the bitmaps outside of UE4 via substance viewer then the problem goes away so it looks like I have an issue with the plugin.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Thanks for the update, did any of the issues I raised in the 4.21 page get addressed?


FYI - Its still not on Marketplace Store....