Author Topic: Remove Maintenance Expired message from Program Titlebar  (Read 1304 times)

I would like Allegorthmic (now adobe) to remove the "Maintenance Expired" message from the titlebar of the program. In the past it was just an nag to renew maintenance, which I was happy to do in any case.

But now when my current license expires I am unsure if I will renew. Will there even be another maintenance extension for a perpetual license? I am definitely not signing up for any monthly subscription.

I will not be able to create Youtube videos of my work without it seeming like I'm on a trial version or pirating the software. When infact I have paid for it, multiple times with each maintenance extension.

That message in the title bar interferes with my supposedly perpetual licensed rights to use the program. As a solo dev it is important for me to share my work whether it be coding, modeling, animating and when i get to it "texturing". I won't be able to do that.

Can we have a setting to turn it off?

I hope the devs here seriously consider my request.

Hey thanks for pointing this : I am going to share with the team.

For the perpetual licenses and existing maintenance , we already confirmed in March that it is still available.
Hope it helps.

I've used Substance in my spare time in tandem with Blender for game modding over the past year or so. I have enjoyed using it, though the learning curve has been steep.
I reached a point in late July where my handle on the mechanics was stable when my 'Maintenance' ran out.

I now see this awful 'Maintenance Expired' message pop-up and Title bar whenever I open the software.

I feel that those of us who have chosen Perpetual licences for whatever reason are being purposely taunted with this 'Maintenance Expired'.

It is infuriatingly off-putting opening the software now. The moment I see the message it galls me so much I sometimes just have to shut it down and walk away from my machine.

I used to recommend SP to any who showed interest. Sadly that's not the case now.

- A currently unhappy customer.  :-\

I'll re-launch the conversation internally (your call is definitely legit)

I third that motion for removing that maintenance expired message, what a sigh of relief that would be! Seeing the message while working makes it if feel as if the software is broken, and I have been a paying perpetual license customer since 2014.