Author Topic: Painting Forests and Geological features  (Read 734 times)

I'm trying to make a small volcanic island (think Hawaii) but viewed from far away, fairly new to substance painter. Need advice on how to paint jungle or cliff textures onto the model. Is this do-able in substance?

The cliffs would be easy enough as there are mutiple cliff/rock type substance materials available on Source and Share.  The forested landscape with trees and such will take a little more thought.  Perhaps using an alpha that mimics the shape of trees from above, which drives random colors of greens and slightly randomized height.  Open the spacing parameter a bit and increase positional and rotational scattering.  Should work fairly well for a long distance shot.

Was thinking about this some more yesterday. Have you tried playing with Alchemist?  Find a nice overhead view of a jungle and feed it into Alchemist.  Maybe if you had several you could switch between them while painting.  This would give you nice color, bump and height.