Author Topic: Substance plugin not working in render nodes  (Read 2340 times)

Good afternoon everyone,

We worked smoothly with the Substance plugin and Vray in 3ds max until now.
Because we have several images to render for a project we rendered scenes with Substances on our render farm for the first time (using backburner), and unfortunately all render failed because any object with a substance material simply renders without any texture.
We tested some renders using Backburner but using our desktop PCs as render nodes and those rendered correctly.
We have the same exact software configuration in our PCs and in the render nodes, the only difference is that 3ds Max in the nodes is not licensed.

Looking forward for some workarounds, thank you in advance.


Are the servers you tested with headless, or do they have a monitor of some kind?

There may be an issue with backburner on headless machines that we need to investigate.
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Yes they are headless, we need to log in with remote desktop.

Thank you


We've got the exact same problem with our render nodes, while the workstations render fine via backburner.
It seems to be texture generation problem when the render nodes do not have a dedicated graphics card or it is too "weak".
(At render time every machine generates the textures from the sbsar file which fails on pure render blades.)

A colleage from another studio could solve the issue by opening 3ds max on the render nodes, choosing CPU Engine from Substance settings and close Max. However, they have got network licenses so it's allowed to open 3ds max on several machines. We own single-user (stand-alone) licenses and as far as I know it's not allowed to open 3ds Max on render nodes because they will attempt to activate the software multiple times.

So the question is: Is there some kind of environment variable or ini file to tell the machine to use the CPU for texture generation?


Hi all,

The plugin currently goes through 3ds Max's systems for settings. I can look at whether that's easily available for edit and what settings there are.

For the new Maya integration, we moved the settings to our own configuration file. I can look at whether we need to do this for Max as well, as I think it's important to be able to distribute a configuration file for render servers.
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Maya, 3ds Max and Core Libraries

That sounds great! I'm looking forward to this feature.


We have a ticket in for that now, so we'll try to get that in.
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Maya, 3ds Max and Core Libraries

Is there any news on this as we have the same problem?