Author Topic: Alchemist vs Designer  (Read 3808 times)

I'm a bit confused in regards to what the role of alchemist is. Is is used for textures? Painting models? Can it replace designer or is it more of a support app? I have seen people create some ground textures with alchemist but what about hard surface textures?

Currently Alchemist can be used to create tileable materials only, it is not meant for asset texturing.

From a users POV, think of it as a fast way to build layered PBR image materials, a la photoshop but with a huge amount of cool features. Designer you can do the same but with node trees and it is far more "technical" in nature, Alchemist is much more user-friendly.

From my experience, Substance Designer is more 'procedural' based and Alchemist has the purpose to use scans or photo textures in a quick and easy way.

I only tried it for a day or two then just shrugged so my opinion is  not very deep based

More user friendly than Designer , nope 
more limiting and restricting , yes
a la photoshop ? , not in a slightest bit
In my perception it's a new issue of "bitmap to material"