Author Topic: The more strokes the slower it gets  (Read 572 times)


I am working with a two people on projects that require a lot of subtle gradient painting and a lot cloning in substance painter. Both have complained that the more they paint or the more clone stamping they do the slower Substance gets. It gets so slow and sluggish that the only way we have found to resolve it is to save out the diffuse map and bring it back into substance, then delete the layer with all the previous strokes and continue working. Its such an annoying process that one of the two people has switched over to Mari for the time being.

Is there anyway to resolve this without resorting to the above mentioned method or is this sluggishness just a result of adding a lot of paint strokes/clone stamps?


You should post a log file for each machine that is having this issue. Your hardware will make a difference as well as the texture map size. Are these 4k maps? How many texture sets are in the project file?
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