Author Topic: Substance Painter extremely slow (and freezing)  (Read 808 times)

I get a similar issue to Frank van Halteren. Didn't want to hijack his thread. Wednesday everything ran smoothly, today I'm lucky if I can even open a new project.
Issues include Substance closing up on me, being extremely slow, slowing down every other application running in the background, etc.
I did everything I could think of, including augmenting the TDRdelay (which was recommended) and upgrading my GPU driver (still gets the "GPU is not updated" btw, even though I'm running on the latest version). I cleared my hard drive and updated Painter.
To be fair, it did started to act up before I updated Painter to the latest version and everything started when I try to import and use a custom material I did in Designer.

I'm really getting pissed off now as my work is pilling up. Never had a problem with Painter, but today he decided to act up or something.

Thank you for your help.

Your log indicates that your drivers are version 390.77, which are more than a year old, try downloading the latest drivers here and do a clean install, you may have some corrupted or mixed drivers installed:

Hi there,

I got performance issues as well. (in 2018.3.3.)

I tried different versions and 2017.3.3 .seems to work flawless!
with 2018.3.3. my brushstrokes freeze every time and I have to wait a few seconds till I can continue my stroke.

I've looked into the document to optimize performance, but no cigar.

Can you please help me?
attached is the log