Author Topic: Is it possible to generate triangulated/lowpoly kind of geometric surface?  (Read 921 times)

Hello everyone!
Im a beginner in SD and recently started my practise after tones of vidoes i have watched. Im still on trial, but definitely going to subscribe after it ends cause im in love with this software. However many times i stumble upon issues i cant find a way to solve, so usually after some search, if i dont find an answer im asking on reddit.
This time however i have 2 questions unanswered there, so i have decided to ask here. Below is a little edited copy of my reddit question:

I have set a goal for myself to get familiar with most of the nodes so i can achieve almost any effect i would like with some creativity.

And today after going trough the nodes i stand defeated already. How for the love of God would you generate this famous/infamous lowpoly-triangulated pattern in SD? Is it even possible without some advanced math functions or some imported components?

Below are examples of structure im talking about. Maybe im to tired or maybe i have just scratched the possibilities SD has to offer.

I will greatly appreciate some insight of how to achieve that effect or at least how to aproach this to succeed (if its possible to generate proceduraly with current SD build or need to do it in other software). Been trying lot of nodes and generated lot of interesting effects but inability to create this particular effect wont let me rest.

Thanks in advance.