Author Topic: Precise shape splatter across dynamic white shapes instead of masking?  (Read 796 times)

This is the 2nd question unanswered by reddit that i have got recently from my learning by practise in SD, so here i am reaching the experts. I do hope my beginners questions arent out of place here. Im just starting my journey with Substance and last thing i would like is to be seen as basics questions spamming intruder on this forum. I do respect your time and i wouldnt be here if i would be succesfull in searching the answer trough google / reddit.

Ok, to the point:
I am trying to splatter some shapes - in this case horizontal short lines - across vertical long lines of the background input. What i have noticed is that the shape splatter tool can only mask away the lines that are to far away from the white spots of the "random map" input or data of the "background slope", but the position of the splattered shapes remain basically the same (a clean checker-like distribution or randomised). Is there a way to distribute the shapes more precisely attached to the white spots of the inputs (that are proceduraly generated) without doing it all by hand and ruining the procedural integrity?

I have also tryied achieving the effect by warping the vertical lines and blending with the original, but effect isnt as i have hoped - so i cant use it as workaround.

Generating the vertical long lines with the perpendicular horizontal, short "cuts" lines as the origin shapes patterns and then splattering the entire things will be next thing i will try, but i would just like to know if there is some smarter way to do it in SD.

Thanks a lot in advance for any tips.