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Hi All,

Just subscribed and so still learning big time! But how do I control the placement of stitching in the leather materials downloaded from the source?

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Hi Rusty,

The placement of the stitching is made directly in Substance Painter when you apply the material to the mesh
You have a small video here showing how this works:
PO @ Allegorithmic


Thanks for your help, I've been doing a lot of learning and understand it a lot more now. That video also helps.

What I'm still not entirely clear on, if I wanted to draw some stitching now, I still get the leather properties come through behind the stitching. (From the materials on the Substance source). There doesn't seem to be a way to turn that off.

Basically I'm trying to use the stitching from one material and the leather from another, Seems like it should be simple....

I also don't have the filter option that is in the video...

Thanks again for your help,

I am also struggling with this, the video in no way makes it clear exactly what one needs to do to make use of the custom stitching capability of fabric resources, of which there are many.
As russell_3 stated as well, there is no stitch filter in SP, so is this some other filter that wsa renamed, has it been removed?

Surely someone at allegorithmic can provide a clear and simple example video / description of the process?

Stitch tools are coming to Substance Painter soon.

Hello there, I really need to know how the stiching of the Substance Source materials work, why is there no documentation about this? The stitchings in the automotive materials look way better than the default stiching brush, so how can we control them? The video doesn't really show anything, as the others pointed out already.