Author Topic: Alchemist not for non-subscribers??!  (Read 2575 times)

I see in the blog that Alchemist is currently only for subscribers. I can understand that this may be the case whilst it is in Beta, but I'd like to know if this is going to be the case when it's out of Beta. Please tell me it will be available under stand alone license like the other software at a later date... :'(

As a perpetual license holder for Designer and Painter I would like to know this also.  If Allegorithmic doesn't know they should state that instead of not replying to a valid question about their product for 18 days.


This topic is already covered in another thread:,28337.0.html

To sum-up:
Substance Alchemist will remain in the subscription while the tool is in beta (NO ETA when the beta will end).
After that period, we will communicate about the new licensing model.

Substance Alchemist Product Manager

Thank you for the update.


I have an annual Subst. Painter indie license. I downloaded Substance Launcher. I want to try Substance Alchemist but Alchemist does not show any options to install/download in the Launcher. What do I need to do?

What I find confusing is that if I try to upgrade to Subscriber, the subscriber offer does not show Alchemist?

Thanks for your help, so keen to test it :)

Cheers, Sergio
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it´s out of beta for a few month - will there be a stand alone "non-subscription based" version of it soon?