Author Topic: ID map color selection  (Read 2435 times)

Currently it's hard to select id material colors with the picker from the texture preview in the shelf (even if it's set to large it's quite small), so it would be nice if when you hover over the preview with the picker, it would do the same (get bigger) as if you hover over it with the mouse cursor.

We are working on a much better way to handle ID masks, stay tuned!

Hey guys... I found a nice way around this :)... if you have your ID map opened in Photoshop, you can use the colour picker, and drag beyond Painters interface to choose colours... such as if you shrink the painter window, or move it to another screen, you can sample colours that are on a google image.
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an easy workaround is to add a fill layer on top of the stack, disable anything but base color, as basecolor you load you id map. this layer should be off when working. but when you need to pick an id, just switch it on and hit the "c" key to show flat colors, then use the color picker in you view to pick the right color. When your done picking, switch the fill layers visibility to off again.


Actually, if you drag the eyedropper all over the screen, it will sample everything. So create a folder called swatch, and put the colour you want in fill layers and disable them. And just hover over the layer with the eyedropper.