Author Topic: Bump and HDR export  (Read 1072 times)

Substance Painter paints height maps in HDR "which allows to paint positive and negative values without ever reaching a limit in brightness". When exported as EXR it writes out correctly with values that go above or below the -1 to 1 range, but when writing in PNG this range gets clipped to -1 to 1 -- meaning that values that were above 1 in the EXR map and in substance are clipped to 1 in the PNG, thus "reaching a limit in brightness" which is not the intended result. Is there a way to normalize the range of the image for export to an 8-bit format like PNG? Are height maps only able to be written out in EXR? Or what is the intended workflow for exporting height maps?

Bonus question: Can SP save EXRs with DWAB compression?

any one there?

Yes, the inteded use for displacements is high dynamic unclamped ranges, either HDR or EXR will work great. Any other low range format will clamp values. The question is: why would you create +1 heightmaps if you are not using that range afterwards?