Author Topic: Substance Painter. Baking Errors. Overlapping Normals.  (Read 5212 times)

Hello There 🙂 I’m trying to learn, how to use baking option in substance painter and i've been struggling with some problem, which i can’t solve 😕

I try bake normal map for multiple objects in on scene with using baking by Mesh Name. And i got some overlapping and strange looking normal map on my objects 😞. I export both l_pol and h_poly objects (separately, not as one object) into two different .fbx file ( _low.fbx with all lpoly objects in int and _high.fbx with all hpoly objects into it).

I have tried everything: double checking lowpoly models name and his suffix, or adding high definition meshes as separately object not as one .fbx file and trying bake normal with cage. Everything is perfect align before export. But the problem is still there 😕

Like on the screens:
Strange overlapping normal

On this screen model looks like substance painter remove smoothing groups.

On this model i don't even know what happened 😕

Some objects after bake in this scene looks almost perfect, but also have some errors. The rest looks like on screens.

I must mention that if i take only one, not a few objects, put it into painter and bake a normal map, there is everything perfect, like on the screen below:
(sorry for the res)

Here are my settings:

I must mention if i set the Max and Min distance in settings to something 0.005 few model from the whole scen looks good but the problem stays with that weird edges on the models form screen two and three :(

Here is how the model with overlapping normal from screen looks like when i set Max and Min distance to 0.005 but still got some baking errors:

My low poly meshes:

High poly:

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Can you provide your high and low poly versions for testing?
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Sorry for replying so late. I found a solution. The problem of the screen two and three has a badly saved fbx file. Turbosmooth for some reason wont apply on this two meshes. Idk why. Before export just simply colapse turbosmooth on all meshes to edipoly and export then.

The problem with overlapping normal just solved by change setting in baker. Max frontal distance and Max rear distance to 0.003 (both) and problem was solved.

But there is another question. Why when i bake one single mesh is set on 0.07 but when i try to bake multiple meshes at once and must downsize this parameters to 0.003? It's something with scale ore something? I try figure out how ray trace in this case work (matching by name). It's something like the render cage in 3ds max?

you have "relative to bounding box" checked. That means your distances are relative to the bounding box, or rather, the bigger the box, the bigger the distances. uncheck that when you're baking things of drastically different sizes.