Author Topic: How to make a sbsar-Substance loading faster in Painter?  (Read 1312 times)

I have scanned a structure, and created a shader for this.
Now when I use it in Substance Painter, it takes always ages to load it.
The sbsar has 570MB size.
I have used quite large photographs, but I think it does not need that extreme accuracy.

How it's possible to make the sbsar-file loading faster?
Just with a click on the layer in substance painter causes a long waiting time.

Thanks for help..

What does you graph look like ?
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I have attached screenshots...
I was following the scan tutorial on your website.
The result is good but the loading time and file size is extreme,
also in comparison with any other smart material in the library or from substance source or share.
I want to understand, how I can reduce such file sizes.

You should save the result of the two "color equalizer" nodes to bitmaps, import these bitmaps and replace the nodes by the bitmaps.

Doing this will remove the need for all the nodes before: less processing and no need for the 8 bitmaps at the beginning of the graph.
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Ok, great... This makes sense!
(Still hard for me to read these node graphs, to know, which nodes are maybe communicating)

So the color Equalizer outputs are just the same like my Normal map and my BaseColor.

And I guess I have to delete all other nodes and save the reduced graph as a new sbsar material then.

Do these Mipmaps maybe slow it down, too?
Would it be better, to turn them off?

I couldn't find a clear answer in the documentations..
I am not doing Game or VR. I use always best possible resolution for picture and movie.

Thanks for answer