Author Topic: 1.0 API db Error: DB element "material_instance_xxxxxx"  (Read 976 times)

I'm new in substance designer, I have problem when I exporting material to MDL, it shows up errors message like

 Appreciate for the helps and advice about the error.

Thank you.


Hello Vincent,

Sorry to hear that you ran into an issue exporting your MDL Graph.
In the upcoming bugfix release, we have fix the issue where too many warnings were shown (like in your screenshot).
However if your export has failed, I would like to investigate it further to be able to fix it.

As I don't have enough information, would it be possible to send me more logs ?
We can start by looking at the last ones displayed when you export your MDL graph : just send me a screenshot after scrolling to the bottom in the dialog after exporting your graph.