Author Topic: Node for Painter maps in Designer  (Read 681 times)

Is there any way to reference certain maps in Substance Designer for meshes that will be loaded into Substance Painter in the future? My goal is to locate the edges of a UV shell/etc. so that I can apply a border around it. More specifically, I have a window texture that I want to be able to apply to different sized windows without having to import maps individually into Substance Designer.

Not sure I understand the request. Could you illustrate the idea?
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Thank you for your reply, Nicolas, but after a lot of searching and thinking about the problem, I deemed that there are easier ways to go about it.

In case you still wanted more information, I wanted to reference baked maps that would eventually be baked in Substance Painter. I.e. Import mesh into SP, bake the maps, and reference the baked mesh AO map in the texture designed in Substance Designer.