Author Topic: Is there a way to control "inspiration"?  (Read 1034 times)


first off, Alchi is running fine on my system and it is a much better tool, than B2M was, before!

Now, here are a few things:

I tested "Inspiration" with the provided material (the red leather in this case). the generator spits out a good bunch of variations, but it never changes the black stitches of the initial material into something els (color wise). Can we somehow control, how inspire works?

It´s awesome, that alchi stores the Layer-stack of filters and so in in a material, so you can come back and take some more
adjustments. Is it possible, to save a "Layer stack preset" somehow?

For generating materials from a photo, I think there is no better than alchi - loving it!

Speaking of photos... would be great, if you guys can implement something like this: - and this: so we can start working right in Alchi, instead of having to go thru regular Photo-Software, before. Just a thought!


We will add more controls over the color palette in the future on the Inspire section.

You can save several variations of your layer stack in your collection by pressing Ctrl + Shift + S

In Painting and stitching are features under our radar for sure.

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