Author Topic: converting a steam license to subscription  (Read 1048 times)

so I just realized how cool substance source is
but discovered that the steam indie licenses don't have access to it, so I have a few questions.

1 - can I convert my steam account (2019) to a subscription? I got it only a few months ago before I discovered what source was, and before I saw that the alchemist beta was only for subscribers.

2 - how easy is it to move that license around? I really like the steam login which is almost like a floating license. 2nd best is like my adobe createive cloud license, which makes it really easy to log in on 2 computers by just signing in, since substance is adobe owned, is it like that? I think I'd like it if I could use my substance wherever I use my CC acc

Hi, you can't convert a Steam license to a Subscription, you can convert it to a perpetual 1 year maintenance license. Unfortunately that won't give you access to Substance Source or Alchemist, which are only available with a subscription.

The perpetual license and subscription act as floating licenses as well, you can install on up to 2 computers and can easily transfer your license if needed.