Author Topic: 32 bit exr import issue/question  (Read 2740 times)

Hello everyone,

Recently I started using displacement maps (typical zBrush workflow, 32 bit/4K maps with mid value at 0). I found there is a way to use displacement map in Substance Painter as a height map in one of the threads here.

I tried to replicate method but when I imported my 32 bit exr displacement map into Shelf the map was pale black. No bump happening. Then I converted my *.exr file into *.tiff and reimported it again and this time it made visible changes to height channel.

So my question is - does Substance Painter have some issue when it comes to importing 32-bit exr files generated from other software i.e. zBrush?

Exactly the same question here...
It seems unfortunately, that the support doesn't care about questions, I have several unanswered questions :(

Hi Tram,
I have now found out, that you need to export from zBrush 32bit with 3channels (RGB),
and then it works properly.
See attached screenshot...