Author Topic: Can't get good results in modo importing .sbsar file from Substance Share  (Read 5802 times)

Dear all.

I have downloaded some sbsar file from Substance share like:

But I'm not able to have good results in Modo using substance plugin for modo 12.2.2. The material is always 'flat' and blurried. Can someone could help me?

I have also tried this guide and setting but no luck:,4160.0.html
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Hi Claudio,

the material looking blurred might be caused by a low resolution setting. Check if the 'Output Size' in the Substance Material is set to e.g. 4096x4096. By default Substance Materials in Modo start with a setting of 256x256.

Just tested the cool Lava Material again. To make it look less 'flat' but rocky and rugged (like in the library preview), you might consider changing from a bump map to a displacement map.
To do so keep 'Height' checked in the Substance Material but change the generated effect layer from 'Bump' to 'Displacement'.

You won't see much difference yet, since the underlying image map is rather low in contrast. Two things to get more displacement depth:

 * In your Base Material (of that material mask) set the 'Displacement Distance' to 500 mm or more.
 * In the Displacement effect layer (formerly Bump), get more contrast by setting the 'Low Value' to a much lower value like -400%. Set the 'High value' to e.g. +200%.

The Lava material should become much more crisp and rocky now.

The two other materials you mentioned probably won't need displacement, but a high resolution output and some tweaking on normal and bump map values might be necessary, too.
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Robert thank you very much.

I have already used 2048x2048 texture (as 4k texture hang on my laptop and also slow down my 12 core macpro) and displacement. But I can't reach the results loading the sbsar in substance player in modo.

I also used different environment in Modo to reach what substance player show me but with no luck at the moment. I'll continue to try.

Thank you very much for your time, really appreciated.

Another example:

It's almost impossible for me to have it in modo as I see it on the website...
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Yeah, sometimes it can be tricky setting up metals in Modo to look like in Substance. In my experience it’s slightly easier with metal materials offering the Specular Color/Amount way instead of Metallic, but I’m not that experienced with the renderer to tell for sure.

Wes created a cool video about transferring a metal material from Substance Painter to Modo and the result is very close to the original. I think some of his tips can also be applied to Substances created directly in Modo:

Another great video by Ellery about better Metals in Modo in general:

For curiosity I tested the copper you named and out-of-the-box it’s not close indeed to how Substance is rendering it. Messing around with various settings resulted in this: But the appearance changes rapidly with different lighting/environments and I guess I set it up too glossy. The displayed scene for example uses Modo's Outdoor Probe 05 environment, a pretty large and bright point light, Displacement instead of Bump on the Copper and some trial-and-error material tweaking.

Edit: corrected youtube link
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Thank you very much Robert.

I really appreciate your effort to help.

As a starting point can you share copper settings? As I am very very far away than your result that is very nice.

BTW the first linked youtube video is unavailable at least for me.
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You’re welcome and I’m learning a lot by myself exploring materials  :)

For a basic setup use an environment similar to the one stated above and the following output layers on the copper material:

  • Basecolor: Set the Low Value to 15%, the copper otherwise looks too saturated
  • Bump: Change to Displacement with Low/High Value of -400/+400 for some smooth bulges
  • Metallic
  • Roughness
  • Normal outputs a flat image map here, so not quite necessary
  • Substance Settings: Metal Roughness ca. 0.18

Hope I didn’t miss anything relevant, because I was messing with properties. Apart from that it's about lighting.

P.S.: You can temporarily download the scene right here:  [link expired]
(When loading it in Modo you’ll have to relink the copper and magma sbsars and let’s hope the material settings are kept. Modo will calculate all output maps then. It might also ask for the environment map, if it’s not installed with Modo’s content package.)
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Thank you very much Robert. All works fine.

As a newbie in complex material like me I'm lucky having found a person like you.

The two examples included helped me to get right other materials too. Very useful.

Thanks a lot.
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