Author Topic: Using seeds for texture generation  (Read 864 times)


Before I build my material scanner I used Pixplant create my textures and, moreover, get textures to tile well. This worked pretty well but it does not work with my scanned textures as you cannot generate the diffuse, normal and height at the same time. So I'm wondering if there is a similar feature in Substance Designer?

The problem I'm having now, is that when I scan a piece of fabric it tiles very well but when I zoom out you still see a pattern. The obvious solution is of course that I scan bigger pieces of fabric but the problem with that is that I lose detail and I only have samples that are 10x20cm big. Another solution is that I scan/process different parts of that piece, say the front and backside and use SD to stitch different parts together, so creating different seeds that can generate a big texture randomly. Is this possible in SD??



Nobody knows a solution to this?