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I've downloaded several sbsar files from source, but the following 3 fail to import into Substance painter:

[Plugin - resources-updater] No project open, resources updater discarded

[SubstanceResource] Failed to load substance: XML decompression.

[SubstanceResource] Failed to load substance: XML decompression.

[SubstanceResource] Failed to load substance: XML decompression.

[Resource Import] "X:/Substance_Resources/Source_DLoads/linen_upholstery_fabric.sbsar" cannot be imported as 'basematerial'.
[Resource Import] "X:/Substance_Resources/Source_DLoads/polyester_heather_stripe_fleece.sbsar" cannot be imported as 'basematerial'.
[Resource Import] "X:/Substance_Resources/Source_DLoads/polyester_stretch_interlock_back.sbsar" cannot be imported as 'basematerial'.

BUMP!  No reply to this?  Only provided on source as sbsar so can't even use sbs to re-export and archive.
Again, to be clear, the following source files do not load into painter:




Windows 8.1 64-bit, GPU GTX1050ti


We tested those files and it works for us.
Can you check the size of the files ?
Did you try to re-download them ?
Can you try to open them in Player ? (you can download it here and it's free :
Can you send me one of those file (using private message) ?
Can you give me the version of Painter you are using, please ?


QA Analyst

File Sizes:
linen_upholstery_fabric: 33.3 MB (34,971,444 bytes)
polyester_stretch_interlock_back: 21.9 MB (22,974,876 bytes)
polyester_heather_stripe_fleece: 26.7 MB (28,094,326 bytes)

None of them will open in Player either.
Painter version:
Substance Painter, version 2018.3.3
Build 2900 - 0b25c4f4c3ad62881b75b5ec6672a75318ec2404

Going to try re-download

EDIT:  Re-downloaded, came out at the same file sizes, but now they do load into painter. Very odd!
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