Author Topic: Tile Sampler blurring edges  (Read 79 times)

Hello, so I have been working on a material to imitate the plating typically found on Star Destroyers (Star Wars), however I ran into an issue that I wasnt able to fix.

When running parts of the height map through a tile sampler it blurred a lot of the edges I had. Now since I blended what went through the Tile Sampler with a different height map you can clearly see a difference in the edges of the normal map.

What fixed this was setting the Tile Samplers Filtering to Nearest
But that introduced an Aliasing effect to the tilted edges.

Is there another way to make the edges in my normal map uniform?

I hope I made clear what my issue is .Thank you for reading.

Edit: I went to 4k resolution which improved the Aliasing a little bit but I have to use 2k resolution for my final texture.
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if you are scaling the shapes with the tile sampler some of those edge will not perfectly align with the pixels. no way around that really.