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This thread has seen quite a bit of attention and although I would not necessarily generalize viewership as a proxy for consumer interest, it is clear that this is an important feature, even before we start consider what the user base wants.

I've bumped this thread a couple of times in an honest attempt to get feedback from the dev team responsible for Substance Source / Substance Launcher and haven't heard much in response. I understand IP protection and the fact that the development team is not obligated to reveal development progress whenever it is asked about, but it would be nice to improve the transparency of this discussion.

Since v2.3.2 of the Substance in 3ds Max plugin, I have had more opportunity to work Substance back into our team's texturing workflow, but in doing so uncovered new obstacles, which brings us back to where we started:

The fact that Substance Source does not download assets into an organized repository is chaos

It is not useful or intelligent to download thousands of materials into a giant pool with no discernible organizing structure.

Please offer some guidance as to whether this is a known issue and will be addressed in a future update.
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Just to let you know : it is currently in our backlog and should be out for our next release (1.6.0 version) !


Substance Launcher is currently on version 1.5.2, is that to say we have 8 more minor versions until 1.6? Wouldn't that amount to months of dev time before 1.6 goes live?
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The versioning does not work this way
1.5.2 is a minor release : we just resolves some bugs and add minor improvement compared to our previous 1.5.1 and 1.5.0 release !
1.6.0 is a major release with more changes

1.6.0 should be our next release (no 1.5.3 is planned)
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I understand - thank you for clarifying 👍

This feature really cannot come soon enough. Any update regarding 1.6.0?

The 1.6.0 release will be a major release so it takes some time to be completed
Hopefully should happen on July, stay tuned :) !


There are currently a number of limitations with respect to the Substance to 3ds Max integration, resulting in baked maps being more useful / flexible than .SBSAR in 3ds Max for rendering.

Are there plans to implement an auto-bake option in the Substance Launcher so that, rather than downloading a .SBSAR or .SBS, there will be an option to download all the associated texture maps instead (or as well)?

Does that make sense?


Indeed the idea seems great ^^
We are currently working on a new approach on the Launcher product that could mean significantly less frequent updates
I sadly can't predict dates for those kind of updates anymore but the redesign will imply a smoother user experience if everything works as expected !
Nevertheless thanks for this great feedback and let me add this new idea to our backlog so we keep track of it