Author Topic: exporting to UE4 confusion  (Read 704 times)


I want to be able to change between different meshes and work simultaneously but i´m not sure if that´s possble?
If I begin with painting on a mesh, and send another mesh to Painter from UE4 and change again to the one I had before the materials "reset" to where it was when I started...? It seem to mean that the textures isn´t really saved somehow? But it become saved  when I close Substance Painter. I have seen that many export the textures directly from Painter and then import it into UE4. Why is that necessary, when UE4 saves the textures automatically?

So the real question is...
Isn´t it possble to work with many meshes at the same time and change between them? I haven´t been able to find any info about that. Do I have to finish one model before sending the next one to Painter?

If there is a tutorial about this anywhere or some help, that would be appreciated!  :)